Children’s Greatest Needs

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We are unable to accept donations above $999,999.99 through our website.

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Look What You Can Do

ChildFund makes it easy to have an impact on a child’s life. Whether you do it through sponsorship, or by contributing a project to a community so that all children can be lifted up, we want to help you fulfill your dreams of making a difference.


    When a child is sick, or can’t afford tuition, or is otherwise not having his basic needs met, we can use unrestricted funds to meet the need. Your contribution to ChildFund will be there for these children and others, whenever and wherever the need arises.


    Water, nutritious food and shelter are things we take for granted. But for many children around the world, even these essentials are not guaranteed. Your gift to our Basic Needs fund ensures that children get the necessities they need to survive.


    We know education is a key to sustainable change. Your gift to our education fund will help children who cannot afford tuition, books, supplies, food and/or shoes and clothing. All children have the right to an education.


    Become a community partner. The children of Nonghet, Laos are helping to determine their own futures…and you can be a part!


    Our Gift-in-Kind fund works overtime! We receive gifts of medicines, mosquito nets, toiletries, clothing and many other items from generous corporate donors. Our gift-in-kind fund provides the money to get these donations to the places they are most needed.


    Let us know if there is an area of particular interest to you. We will be happy to help you make your philanthropic dreams come true!