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Help Children in India After Cyclone Yaas

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Thousands of children and families have been left homeless in the wake of Cyclone Yaas.

Children are Facing Multiple Crises in India

India, currently in the grip of a COVID-19 surge that doesn’t want to let go, has suffered its second severe cyclone just a week after Cyclone Tauktae struck the country’s west coast. On May 26, 2021, Cyclone Yaas brought high winds and, worse, severe storm surges that swamped or cut off dozens – perhaps hundreds – of villages along India’s eastern coast. Homes and livelihoods have been destroyed, leaving children and their families scared for the future and in more urgent need than ever.

ChildFund saw Yaas coming and swung into action days beforehand: In coordination with national evacuation efforts, we mobilized teams, local volunteers and task forces created as part of our disaster risk reduction program and supported the evacuations that emptied coastal villages. Even so, thousands of children and families will have no homes to return to, and thousands more will have lost most everything.

In the aftermath of the storm, we are on the ground assisting shelter sites across several districts, where we will set up Child-Centered Spaces to help kids cope and plan for the difficult recovery phase to come. As the coronavirus continues to surge across India, making families in these crowded shelters especially vulnerable, we need your help to ensure that these children have a fighting chance at rebuilding their lives. Give to our Emergency Action Fund now to help us protect them and provide for basic needs like food, water and shelter.


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