Scott Stapp

For the last five years, I’ve had the privilege of partnering with ChildFund working to change the lives of children and communities around the world. Recently my wife Jaclyn and I, along with our guitarist Yiannis, had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador to see firsthand the work that ChildFund is doing and to meet some of the children in their programs that you and I are helping. What we saw was both encouraging and heartbreaking.​

Encouraging in that we saw firsthand the work that ChildFund is doing in the communities where they work. They are working to ensure that children have the nutrition, care and safety that they need. They help with education. They provide counseling and training to help end domestic and school violence. They work with older students by helping them gain technical skills, help with financial training, and equip them to make solid life decisions.​

In all of the kids that we met, there was a joy that was undeniable!​

Yet it was heartbreaking in that we saw that there is still so much need and so much work yet to be done. In some parts of Ecuador for example, 90% of the people are living in extreme poverty. It can be paralyzing seeing all of the needs that exist. I said to our traveling team many times that week – we need to fix this!​

Thankfully, we ARE fixing this and you are one of the people that have risen to the challenge! Thank you! Through your sponsorship of a child through ChildFund, we ARE making a difference, both in countries around the world AND right here in the United States. Because of you, children and families are receiving the support that they need to break the cycle of poverty, one child at a time.​

Will you help me in this fight? Encourage your friends and family to join the work you and I are doing! Ask them to go to and learn about who ChildFund is, see where they work and what they do, and find a child that is waiting for a sponsor. ​

Or maybe you might consider sponsoring a second child yourself? Look, I get it. It’s a sacrifice doing what you are already doing. But believe me, after seeing their faces and getting to hear some of their hopes and dreams, it is SO worth it.​

Whether you made the decision to sponsor a child on one of my previous tours, or whether you have just recently signed up to sponsor a child on my last tour, THANK YOU for joining me in making the world a better place!​

Rock on!​ 


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