Unprecedented times call for non-traditional holiday gifts

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Unprecedented times call for non-traditional holiday gifts

Gifts from nonprofit catalog help children around the world fight hunger, climate change and more

Richmond, Va. November 23, 2022: As people around the world struggle to survive the effects of economic inflation, civil conflict and health crisis, it’s no secret that we are all living in challenging times. ChildFund International has a unique solution to help children and their families mitigate these challenges – and it doubles as a great holiday gift idea.

The nonprofit’s Real Gifts Catalog features dozens of gifts that have been requested by real children and families in the organization’s circle of care around the world. Through the catalog, donors can purchase gifts that make a life-changing impact for their recipients in underserved communities. Fruit trees and farm animals donated by supporters are boosting families’ nutrition and income, while bicycles and school supplies are helping children get to – and stay in – school. Gifts toward clean water are funding the organization’s innovative water projects in places like East Africa, where a record-breaking drought caused by climate change has dried up the local water sources children and families depend on for survival.

Gifts can be donated in loved ones’ names, making for a meaningful alternative to traditional gift giving. Browse the catalog and give a gift now at https://bit.ly/real-gifts.

About ChildFund

Founded in 1938, ChildFund works throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas — including the United States — to connect children with what they need to grow up healthy, educated, skilled and safe, no matter where they are. Last year, we reached 16.2 million children and family members in 23 countries. About 200,000 Americans support our work by sponsoring individual children or investing in ChildFund programs. Find out more at https://www.childfund.org

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