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Help Children Facing Hunger During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Stop Hunger Caused by the Coronavirus

Children need your help now to beat the most terrifying side effect of COVID-19: hunger.

Job losses. School closures. Social isolation. All of us are feeling the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, but none so much as those who were already living in extreme poverty – especially children whose families can no longer put food on the table.

Even before the pandemic, 1 in 9 people globally did not have enough to eat (FAO). Now, even more children and families will face life-threatening hunger.

“When we responded in West Africa’s 2014 Ebola crisis, we saw firsthand how a pandemic carries with it a wave of additional crises that harm children, even if they never fall ill from the disease,” says Anne Lynam Goddard, ChildFund’s President and CEO. “For example, I’m hearing from my colleagues in Ethiopia about destitute mothers who now have no way to feed their children. Their livelihoods have already collapsed, and with schools closed, there’s no safe place for their children while they go in search of food.”

Let’s take Droupadi’s situation as an example. When public markets close, Droupadi’s family has nowhere to get their food. When food is less available, prices spike, making it less affordable – especially if Droupadi’s mother loses her job. When schools and early childhood centers close, Droupadi loses the reliable meals she ate there. And when Droupadi can’t get the amount or the variety of food she needs, malnutrition isn’t far behind.

No child should have to grapple with hunger on top of the many other crises brought on by COVID-19. We’re providing support directly to help children – like Droupadi – and their families, so they can get what they need to survive this emergency.

As part of our first-ever global emergency response plan – our largest emergency response to date – making sure children get the food they need is one of our top priorities. “Families are at the center of this plan,” says Goddard. “If they have the wherewithal they need to hold on to their stability and keep their children’s development on track, they’ll be able to go forward strong. We’re going to give it everything we’ve got so that they do.

At a moment when your gift could literally save a life, every dollar counts. Please give today.