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Help Children Facing Hunger in Kenya

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You can be a lifeline for a child.

Right now, Kenya is facing a devastating drought that is threatening the lives of millions of children. The rains that families in farming communities depend on to grow their food have not come, leaving local water sources dry and regular meals difficult to come by. Kids are missing school to search for water and food, and as resources become more and more scarce, children face an increasing risk of hunger, malnutrition and disease.

A triple crisis

To make matters worse, drought is not the only emergency endangering the lives of children in Kenya. Economic shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic have already thrust even more families into extreme poverty – and the entire country is suffering from the worst invasion of desert locusts it has seen in half a century. These locusts travel fast, destroying crops and pastures in their path and leaving many families and communities without their main source of income or food.

Children and families need your support right now to help bring ...

  • Safe drinking water and nutritious food so that children can continue to grow healthy and strong.
  • Access to basic hygiene supplies and medical care that can prevent, identify and treat illnesses, including those associated with malnutrition.
  • Education and skills training that connect children and families with real opportunities to increase their financial stability in times of hardship.

Your gift today allows us to deliver lifesaving provisions like these when and where children need it most. Any amount you can give will help, and every dollar can truly be a lifeline for kids facing hunger in Kenya. Thank you for your generous support!