In any emergency – violent conflicts, pandemics, droughts and other natural disasters – children are the most vulnerable. Beyond the short-term risks they face from being separated from their families, getting hurt or even dying, children often miss school and are at increased risk of violence, neglect and exploitation. Unfortunately, in the intense chaos and demand for resources during and after a crisis, children are often the last to receive the support they need.

That’s where we come in. During emergencies, the focus of ChildFund is always on the children – on providing the things they most urgently need to survive and thrive after a disaster, including not just physical relief items but also psychological and emotional support. See just a few of the emergencies we’re currently responding to below and learn how your donations support children in crisis.

  • Photo of Sri Lanka map with a pin in it. Text on photo reads "Send Help to Sri Lanka"

    Help Children After Sri Lanka Floods

    Sri Lanka is in turmoil as floods and mudslides triggered by heavy monsoon rains continue to bring widespread destruction to communities.

  • Help Children After Brazil Floods

    After days of torrential rain throughout Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil – a state about the size of Arizona – rivers have overflowed, submerging entire towns and cutting off electricity, water systems and communications.

  • A boy wades through high water in rural Kenya.

    Help Children After Kenya Floods

    In March 2024, Kenya’s seasonal rains began as usual – but this year, the rainfall was unusually heavy, bringing violent storms, flash flooding and devastation to many communities.

  • Help Children in Ukraine Crisis

    Children in Ukraine are fleeing for their lives after Russia attacked the country from three sides early on February 24, 2022.

  • Help Child Survivors of War in Uganda

    Conflicts in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have driven thousands of people to flee their homes and seek refuge in Uganda – many of them children.

  • Help Children Facing Hunger in the Horn of Africa

    A prolonged drought is threatening the lives of children in Kenya and Ethiopia. Millions of kids are now at risk of hunger, malnutrition and disease.

How we support children & families after emergencies:


to children, families and communities affected by emergencies in the form of food, clean water and other essentials, like blankets and hygiene kits. Depending on the situation, we may distribute these items directly to affected families or give them funds to purchase what they need most.


to give children a safe place to play, learn and just be kids – activities that are crucial to their recovery from the trauma of emergencies. These spaces protect children and allow their parents time to find shelter, food, water and other help they need.


on disaster preparedness so that when emergencies happen, children, families and communities know how to respond and can recover more quickly.