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We can say we keep children healthy, educated, skilled and safe. We can talk about how we keep them safe at home, on the street, in school and online, or that we work with families to create the conditions their children need to thrive from birth to young adulthood. But how we help children experience these outcomes depends on our program results, and how we measure those results matters. Dive into the results we’re capturing through global monitoring and evaluation.

Our Safe CLICS program in Kenya: Learn more about our work to prevent and respond to online sexual exploitation and abuse of children through our Safe CLICS program in Kenya.


How We Define “Impact”

We validate our impact with children and families in Africa, Asia and the Americas in four important ways:

  1. Our global monitoring of key indicators and our programming evidence.
  2. Feedback from our children, families and partners on the difference our programs make in their lives and communities.
  3. How well we apply learning about what works well or not to strengthen our strategies and approaches.
  4. How we contribute toward global, collective outcomes for children and families — the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our work contributes toward 12 of the 17 SDGs:



Our Focus

We measure key indicators within five results categories to assess our progress toward the outcomes we aim for. Here's what some of our initiatives in these areas look like.

We implement programs that support child nutrition, maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health education, infectious disease prevention and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) initiatives. LEARN MORE

From social-emotional education to support for teachers, parents and caregivers, we aim for children to realize their right to a quality education at all life stages, including in early childhood. LEARN MORE

Strengthening community-based child protection (CBCP) systems, implementing programs to support psychosocial well-being, and advocating for change at local and national levels, we work to keep children safe wherever they are – at home, at school and online. LEARN MORE

Young people have the right to earn a sustainable livelihood. Our employability and entrepreneurship programs for both youth and families promote financial inclusion for all. LEARN MORE

Through programs that emphasize disaster risk reduction (DRR), climate change adaptation and environmental care, we’re inspiring today’s young minds to be an active part of the global climate conversation. LEARN MORE

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“Our program evidence tells us what works and what does not work — and, combined with our research, if not, why not. It also tells us where we need more evidence. We are growing our evidence base to inform our learning, adapt where needed, and identify programs to scale to help children, youth and communities around the world to improve their lives.”

— Darcy Strouse, Director of Research and Learning, ChildFund

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