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What good could come
of COVID-19? You.

Why Sponsor Now?  

What good could come of COVID-19? You.

Why Sponsor Now?  
  • Help a Child in Need

    Find the child who speaks to your heart. Your friendship and support will ensure they have what they need to grow up healthy, educated, skilled and safe.

  • Our Global COVID-19 Response by Country

    Learn how you're helping children in the world's poorest places not only survive the pandemic, but thrive beyond it.

  • Help Children After Two Hurricanes

    Just 13 days after Hurricane Eta roared through Central America, Hurricane Iota brought even more devastation. In the middle of a pandemic.


How Sponsorship Works

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How Sponsorship Works

Step One1

Search for a child to sponsor

Who will your new friend be? When you find the child who speaks to your heart, we'll connect the two of you so you can start your sponsorship journey together.

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Step Two2

Your gift is multiplied

We combine your gift with gifts from other caring sponsors to make life better where your sponsored child lives. We partner with communities to help them transform into places where every child can dream, achieve and contribute.

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Step Three3

Stay in touch

“Dear Jose” … “Dear Mariama” … “Dear Dwi”: When you communicate with your sponsored child, you’ll learn all about who they are and who they want to become. Your friendship can help those dreams become reality.

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More Ways To Help

When you sponsor a child living in poverty, your ongoing support will provide for that child in these critical areas - and more.

Emergency Response  
Children's Greatest Needs  
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