Sponsor a Child in Africa


A child living in Africa may be a citizen of one of 54 countries, a member of one of thousands of ethnic groups, a speaker of one of more than 2,000 languages. She may live in bustling Dakar, Senegal or a rural community in Luangwa, Zambia. And she is more likely than a child living in any other continent in the world to be growing up in poverty.

Many factors – including colonialism, conflict, natural disasters and epidemics – create and perpetuate poverty in African countries. And, as is too often the case, when there is a problem in this world, children suffer the consequences the most.

ChildFund works to address the causes and effects of poverty in Africa by working with local partner organizations in nine countries – collaborating with local leaders, families and children to build programs based on what each community needs most. In some places, like the Koinadugu District of Sierra Leone, that means building a well so Nayo can have clean, safe water to drink. In other places, like Brikamo, and The Gambia, that means helping to fund children’s school fees, so Ebrima can get his education. In others, like Kiambu County, Kenya, that means offering youth vocational training, so Jane can become an electrician.

Check out the list below to see the countries in Africa where ChildFund is working to help kids. No matter where you sponsor a child, you can be sure that your support will help them stay safe, healthy and learning.