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FAQs: #TakeItDown

Content Notice: Please be aware that the #TakeItDown campaign contains materials that invoke sensitive issues, including but not limited to child sexual abuse, trafficking, exploitation, kidnapping, suicide attempts, ongoing childhood trauma and violence. Given the sensitive nature of these issues, we recognize that it may be difficult for you to hear about and engage with the campaign and ChildFund’s broader work to combat the online sexual exploitation and abuse of children. We want to ensure that we are doing everything we can to support your well-being. Below are links to resources you may find helpful.

About the Campaign

  • What is the aim of this campaign?
  • I’d like to reach out to my member of Congress, but I’m not on Twitter/X. Is there another way?
  • What are child sexual abuse materials?
  • Does ChildFund believe that tech companies are complicit in this crisis?
  • How did this problem get so big?
  • Aren’t tech companies already required to take down child sexual abuse material on their platforms?
  • Why aren’t tech companies doing the right thing and removing child sexual abuse materials themselves?
  • Shouldn’t we focus on child sexual abuse prevention rather than removing the evidence of it online?
  • Aren’t most child sexual abuse materials housed on the dark web? Are we really making a dent in the problem?
  • What about the privacy rights of users? Would those be violated if tech proactively searches for child sexual abuse materials?
  • Isn’t it parents’ responsibility to keep children safe online?

About Online Sexual Exploitation & Abuse

  • What is the online sexual abuse of children, and how does it manifest?
  • How many children experience online sexual exploitation and abuse?
  • Who is at risk for online sexual exploitation and abuse? Who perpetrates it?
  • I’m a parent. What can I do to protect my child from online sexual abuse and exploitation?
  • I have experienced online sexual exploitation or abuse. How can I get help?

About ChildFund’s Role in Combatting Online Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children

  • Why is ChildFund prioritizing action to prevent and address online sexual exploitation and abuse?
  • What is ChildFund doing to address online sexual exploitation and abuse?
  • How does the #TakeItDown campaign fit into these efforts?