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  • Join Mark and Andrew in sponsoring a child in Guatemala that needs your help and receive the Dinner Conversations Season Two DVD, “Songs From The Set” CD, cloth coasters handmade in Guatemala, and information (still to come) on the Friends & Family Weekend in Nashville later this year!

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    March 10, 2013

    7 years old

    Katy and her family speak Quiche which is the language of the area. The place where Katy lives is filled with trees. Katy loves to see the trees. She is a smiling girl. Her family is kind with others. Katy likes to eat beans with eggs. Her favorite color is red like the color of the roses from her community. Katy wants to continue studying to become a teacher and help children from her community and teach them to write and read. Katy loves to play soccer at home. She plays with dolls, she jumps ropes, sings, and dances at the school with her friend and at her home. She likes to help her mother with chores like to clean and wash dishes. She likes to do some errands


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