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Bordered by Senegal and the North Atlantic Ocean, The Gambia is one of Africa’s smallest countries and a popular tourist destination, with resorts dotting the coast. It has few natural resources and relies heavily upon European tourism. The scarcity of potable water, the prevalence of preventable diseases and the lack of early childhood education make life difficult for Gambian children and their families.

ChildFund has served children in the Gambia since 1984. Help make a difference and sponsor a child in The Gambia today.

Poor prenatal care and unattended births lead to high maternal and infant mortality. By providing prenatal nutrition and check-ups with a trained professional, ChildFund helps Gambian women have safer and healthier deliveries. During post-natal care, mothers receive important guidance on child feeding and care, as well as advice on birth spacing to ensure the healthy development of their infants. ChildFund The Gambia has also established and supports approximately 25 Early Childhood Development centers, and helped to outline the national early childhood development policy that has been successfully implemented in The Gambia.

ChildFund The Gambia’s education programs engage Gambian students’ families and communities in educational systems, increasing support and accountability. Community members, including parents, leaders, teachers and students, support their schools through participatory school governance committees. ChildFund works closely with these groups to develop school-improvement plans with quality teaching and learning elements. Community support helps school staff to understand the conditions in which Gambian children and their families live so they can encourage child and family participation. The committees also help identify risks and threats to children’s education and develop strategies to minimize those risks. Community networks allow for advocacy, policy change and social awareness of quality education.

ChildFund The Gambia, in partnership with its local partner organizations and other groups, strives to enable Gambian youth to have the capacity to improve their lives so they can become successful young adults, parents and leaders. We provide youth with access to resources, knowledge and opportunities for community engagement, helping them to become self-confident, strong, productive and secure individuals. ChildFund youth programs give young people the skills they need to successfully transition into the workplace. Market assessments are conducted to identify business opportunities with strong potential, and youth are then given related skills training, which in turn leads to employment in a field with decent wages and in a non-exploitative environment. ChildFund The Gambia youth projects target school dropouts from different communities and are centered around training programs that are geared toward enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit and skills inherent in youth. For example, ChildFund successfully initiated a youth-run cooperative garden, creating employment opportunities and promoting local food security and access to the water supply.


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