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Guinea is a significant source of the world’s major minerals including gold, diamonds, iron ore and bauxite, but the country’s poor infrastructure and political uncertainty prevents it from developing its economic potential from these and other natural resources.

Located in western Africa on the North Atlantic Ocean between Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone, Guinea is smaller than the state of Oregon and suffers from environmentally damaged mining regions, preventable diseases and a lack of safe water.

ChildFund has served children in Guinea since 2005.

Many children in Guinea are not in school, and for younger children, there is often no foundation for later learning. Our Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs include building ECD centers and supplying them with materials and tools used to train families about child protection and healthy development.

Thousands of children have attended our ECD centers, and we have educated families in more than 530 homes about how to protect their children and motivate their development.

To enhance the children’s school experience, ChildFund provides school supplies, support for school governments, access to and training in computers, and special help for children in particularly difficult situations that might otherwise disrupt their academic achievement.

ChildFund works to support communities in promoting girls’ rights and improving the socioeconomic status of young people. Additionally, training in reproductive health helps them make good decisions as they move into adulthood. Youth learn sewing, computer skills and other skills to increase their employability. Furthermore, microcredit opportunities support young people’s income-generating activities.

Working with the Ministry of Health, we’ve helped educate young adults on important matters such as information about HIV and AIDS. We have also trained local health workers and 128 community volunteers on how to educate the community about disease prevention, proper hygiene, nutritious food preparation and more. We also work to make health services affordable. Pregnant women and families with children under 5 receive long-term treated mosquito nets.

To provide access to safe water and sanitation facilities, we provide water systems and latrines, as well as water treatment kits where needed.


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