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Help Address Causes of Migration

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Want to help Central American refugees? First address the root causes of migration.

"Sometimes I get mad ideas of wanting to have an opportunity to migrate," says Ana, 17, who lives in rural Honduras. She is far from alone in feeling this way, which is clear from the increasing numbers of Central American refugees seeking asylum in the U.S.

Rampant violence and poverty in Central America are driving thousands of children and families from their homes, forcing them to make the long, dangerous journey to the U.S. But many children, including babies and toddlers, have been separated upon arrival from their parents, the beloved adults they trust and rely on to attend to their needs. The emotional trauma Central American refugees face won’t go away soon or easily, and news of their plight has rocked the world.

You can help us strengthen our programs in Mexico and Central America that address the reasons why people migrate: endemic violence, deep poverty and lack of opportunity, among others. We’re working with children, youth and families to help them create the lives they want and need right where they are – like Ana, who participates in ChildFund programs that teach her about the risks of migration and help her build skills to succeed at home in Honduras.

But ChildFund can’t do this important work alone. Your gift will protect children’s right to a safe, healthy childhood, no matter where they come from or what their circumstances may be. Please give generously and help us address the root causes of migration today.