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Help Children After TWO Hurricanes in Central America

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Destruction from Hurricane Iota in Honduras’ Santa Barbara department.

Help Kids in Honduras and Guatemala Recover From Two Hurricanes, Eta and Iota

Just 13 days after Hurricane Eta devastated Central America, the even more powerful Hurricane Iota roared through the region, severely compounding Eta’s destruction amid the ongoing hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Guatemala and Honduras, where ChildFund works, the storms caused mudslides and flooding that destroyed roads and houses, created major health risks including food insecurity and lack of clean drinking water, and caused injuries and deaths. Many communities remain unreachable.

“The situation is horrifying for children,” says Ben Phillips, director of ChildFund’s emergency management unit. “ChildFund was already bringing emergency aid to people whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Eta and are staying in temporary shelters due to landslides and flooding. Hurricane Iota has now hit some of those same communities, causing nearly complete devastation. Children and their families desperately need food, toiletries, other basic household items, and support to rebuild their homes.”

“People in the shelters are also very vulnerable to COVID-19 transmission,” Phillips adds. “ChildFund is promoting prevention measures, but we need to help them return home as quickly as possible.”

When they do return, they will need further support to deal with longer-term impacts including the loss of crops and other livelihoods.

For now, together with our local partner organizations in the area, we are working with authorities to deliver immediate relief by providing shelter and food. As the situation progresses, we will work to keep children and families safe and help them get back on their feet after these devastating losses.

Please give generously to help children and families suffering during these multiple crises.