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Help Children During Locust Invasion

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Help kids and families in East Africa as their sources of food are destroyed by swarms of locusts.

Right now, swarms of desert locusts are ravaging East Africa, and they are beginning to invade areas in Kenya and Uganda where ChildFund has programs.

These locusts travel fast, destroying crops and pastures in their path and leaving entire families and communities without their source of income or food. More than 19 million people in this area are already experiencing high levels of food insecurity, and if this locust invasion is not contained, their food supply and livelihoods will be even further damaged. ChildFund is working to help mitigate the effects of this disaster through projects like providing supplementary food and water for children and distributing feed for livestock so that families don’t lose their animals.

Please give today to help us respond to this emergency and continue to be prepared when disasters strike.