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Kenya is an independent republic located on the Indian Ocean’s coast. Low infrastructure investment threatens Kenya's long-term position as the largest East African economy, and corruption has been hampering the growth of the Kenyan economy. Recent terrorism in Kenya and the surrounding region threatens Kenya's important tourism industry. ChildFund Kenya is currently implementing a host of projects through 38 local partner organizations that target children and youth in 24 counties. The projects focus on education, health, water and sanitation, economic livelihoods and emergency response.

ChildFund has served children in Kenya since 1960. Help make a difference and sponsor a child in Kenya today.

ChildFund Kenya focuses on supplementary school feeding, access to health services and implementing an improved learning environment at Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers. Supplementary school feeding not only improves the health and nutrition of children but also reduces preschool absenteeism. Our health camps and outreaches instruct parents and caregivers about the management of common childhood illnesses, as well as preventable diseases in Kenya that threaten pregnant and lactating mothers. Malaria in Kenya is also a prevailing issue. We work with local partners to provide insecticide-treated nets for malaria prevention along with health education sessions when the nets are distributed. Construction and renovation of ECD classrooms at primary schools enhances learning environments for hundreds of Kenyan children.

As a member of the National Sanitary Towel Campaign in Kenya, ChildFund has continued to take the lead in ensuring that vulnerable girls are provided free sanitary pads, limiting absenteeism by removing this major barrier to girls’ education in Kenya. And, because children need opportunities to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills to help them find jobs in Kenya and make positive changes in their lives and their communities, our youth club members learn the core elements of the Aflatoun financial education methodology: personal understanding and exploration, rights and responsibilities, saving and spending, planning and budgeting, and child social and financial enterprises.

For older youth, ChildFund Kenya focuses on leadership and livelihood skills, youth empowerment and reproductive health. The village savings and loan training teaches young adults about economic responsibility and the importance of saving, while other training covers selecting, planning and managing income-generating activities, enabling participants to find jobs in Kenya or start new businesses and help others follow a similar path. On the health front, theater groups use drama to inform youth about healthy choices, how to protect themselves against HIV and the use of voluntary counseling and testing services to reduce HIV infection rates among youth.

Kenya was a success story of economic growth in Africa until violence erupted around corruption in the 2007 presidential election. This political strife has been a setback for government programs, particularly the decaying and aging health care system. Despite recent economic success, only 4.5% of GDP was invested in the Kenyan healthcare system in 2013. With nearly half the population living in poverty and 43 million people under the age of 15, healthcare in Kenya is in urgent need of reform.

The Kenyan Ministry of Health has made significant progress in promoting awareness for health and sanitation, but the prevalence of preventable diseases still presents a major challenge. Lack of access to healthcare in rural areas and poor sanitation in urban zones accelerates the spread of preventable diseases. Malaria in Kenya is one of the nation’s biggest issues, and while HIV infection rates have slowed recently, HIV and AIDS still impact millions of families. ChildFund has worked with government agencies, other child development groups and nongovernmental organizations to improve Kenya’s healthcare system.


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