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Help children wherever it’s needed most with your monthly gift.

A child is involved in a serious accident, and his family can’t pay his hospital bills. A young woman turns down an offer of admission into college because she can’t afford tuition. A little boy dies from drinking contaminated water because his community lacked the resources to build a new well.

Money should never be a barrier to a child’s full potential – and yet these scenarios are common in much of the developing world. That’s why, every day, our Children’s Greatest Needs fund gives us the agility to reach children when, where and how they most urgently need our support. Your gift helps us protect the well-being and fuel the dreams of children around the world. Whenever and wherever children’s needs are greatest, you can be there to help. Make a one-time donation or sign up to become a monthly supporter today.


Help protect children with your monthly gift.

Half of the world’s 2 billion children are exposed to violence every year. From abuse and neglect to trafficking and child labor, threats to children’s safety can be found in their homes, schools and communities. That’s why they need people who care enough to take a stand and protect them from harm – people like you.

When you become a Guardian Angel, you join us in the fight to end violence against children in all its forms. Your recurring donation offers lifesaving protection for children in the U.S. and around the world, making their homes and schools safer, guarding them from exploitation and improving awareness of their rights. Make a one-time donation or sign up to become a monthly supporter today.


Help provide for children’s basic needs with your monthly gift.

Clean water. Nutritious food. Health care. These are the bare minimum of what human beings need to survive, yet around the world, children are living without them. This puts them in critical danger of developmental delays, illness and even death.

When you give to our Essentials for Survival fund, you’re helping children access the essentials of life that they need and deserve. Your recurring donation will help them grow up strong and healthy so they can do more than just survive – they can thrive. Make a one-time donation or sign up to become a monthly supporter today.