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Happy Halloween!

It’s here, it’s here! Thank you again for participating in R.L. Stine’s #MyScariestMonster Contest. ChildFund received almost 700 submissions from children and teens from 12 countries all over the world, and we’re so excited to celebrate Halloween with you by presenting our talented contest winners – congratulations! Click the links to read their tales of terror…


 Age 6-9 Category

  “The Tale of El Chupacabra” by Aurora G., 9, of New York, U.S.A. 

 R.L. Stine says: “I like the realism of this story. The family members were handled well. I especially enjoyed seeing an old legend worked into a very current story.”

 Anne Goddard says: “Bringing the folklore of Chupacabra into a story about migrants crossing the border was cool.”




 Age 10-14 Category

  “The Night Walker” by Aurora C., 12, of Alberta, Canada

 R.L. Stine says: “This is a very good retelling of a well-known urban legend. I’ve told this story to audiences often myself. Good atmosphere. And the ending is handled really well—chilling.” 

 Anne Goddard says: “Very suspenseful atmosphere was created throughout the story … great ending.”




 Age 15-18 Category

  “The Visitor” by Ava C., 17, of Kentucky, U.S.A.

 R.L. Stine says: “Well told. Very efficient story-telling with good style … it’s a perfect little story.”

 Anne Goddard says: “Fantastic description of the store. I felt I could really see it. Wonderful dialogue that made the story really come alive in a frightening way.”




But wait – that’s not all! We had so many wonderful submissions that we couldn’t resist acknowledging a few runners-up.



 Age 6-9 Category

“The Cinnamon Roll Monster” by Johnathan B., 6, of Louisiana, U.S.A.

“The Horror Orb” by Arabee B., 9, of Oregon, U.S.A.



 Age 10-14 Category

“The Sweetest Taste That Will Change Your Face” by Sapphire T., 14, of New Mexico, U.S.A. 

“The Dog That Didn’t Eat Homework” by Hailey N., 10, of New Hampshire, U.S.A.



 Age 15-18 Category

“Bunny” by Valery C., 15, of Ohio, U.S.A.

“Driving in the Banayan Street” by Angelo J.M., 17, of Manila, Philippines



Even if you didn’t win the contest, you’re a winner in our book. Our judges had an incredible time reading each and every one of your stories, and we were blown away by the amount of imagination and talent we saw. We hope you had fun and learned that with the power of creativity, you can overcome any monster you face. And remember, if you want to help another kid overcome some of life’s scariest monsters, your parent or teacher can sign up to sponsor a child today.

Stay spooky!