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Formerly known as Ceylon, the island nation of Sri Lanka lies at the southern tip of India in the Indian Ocean. Slightly larger than the state of West Virginia, the country is prone to a variety of natural disasters, and the effects of the 2004 tsunami are still being felt. Sri Lanka has maintained positive social indicators compared to other countries in the region and has experienced a significant decline in poverty over the last decade. However, pockets of poverty continue to exist across regions and between social groups. Climate change is expected to significantly impact agriculture, water resources, energy, environment and fisheries in Sri Lanka. s.

ChildFund has served children in Sri Lanka since 1985. Help make a difference and sponsor a child in Sri Lanka today.

ChildFund Sri Lanka works to improve child nutrition, parenting skills and community-based learning for families with children aged 0-5. ChildFund Sri Lanka’s colorful, child-friendly Early Childhood Development centers offer indoor and outdoor play equipment, learning and teaching materials, access to water and sanitation, training for teachers, and robust parent-teacher associations. Easy access to water reduces the time mothers spend searching for and collecting water, thereby increasing the time they spend with their children. Lead mothers in the communities guide parents and caregivers toward developmentally healthy ways of interacting with children, stimulating their brain development and improving hygiene and nutrition. Many children and families also benefit from home-garden and chicken-rearing support, improving food security within the home.

ChildFund aims to improve the education in Sri Lanka. Through educational support, life skills training and infrastructure development, ChildFund Sri Lanka helps to improve poor educational performance and reduce the likelihood of dropping out of school for those most at risk. Infrastructure improvements in rural schools and improved educational facilities in remote villages – including classroom renovations, upgrading of water and sanitation facilities and provision of teaching and learning materials – create stable and attractive, child-friendly environments that encourage regular school attendance. Training for teachers in new teaching methodologies and child protection helps them gain skills to develop more effective methods and approaches to teaching children. Children in this age group also take part in the Connect project, a multi-country collaborative media literacy and child-to-child global linkage initiative.

Unemployment and lack of relevant life skills are some of the key issues that our programs for youth address. We provide skills training so young people can confidently enter the world of employment and mature adulthood, helping them develop emotional resilience and express emotions in ways that foster positive relationships. Unemployed youth learn vocational skills in fields such as tourism, heavy machinery, graphic design, hotel management and nursing to make it easier for them to find jobs in Sri Lanka. A soft-skills program, providing training in leadership and communications, supports youth by instilling confidence to face interviews and work in a formal office environment. Workshops, camps and training sessions improve their skills and knowledge in community mobilization, team activity, proposal writing, career visioning, cash management, sexual and reproductive health, and awareness of the risks of alcohol.



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