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The Importance of Sports for Children

In developing nations, millions of children live in poverty and lack access to education, health care and nutritious food. Poverty also deprives children socially, as they often miss out on opportunities to play with other children, form friendships and have fun. That's why ChildFund offers a range of gifts focused on sports, allowing children to get exercise, enjoy playing together and socialize with their peers.

Social Development

Sports are a great way for children to learn essential skills that will serve them in later life, such as teamwork and cooperation. However, many children living in poverty lack the sports equipment and clothing necessary for organized games of soccer, volleyball and other activities. To remedy this, our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog enables you to make a donation of $99 to provide children with sports equipment and apparel where they are needed most. This gift will let children living in the world's poorest countries organize teams and learn important life skills.

Sports in the Streets

Children all over Brazil love soccer, and prominent athletes such as Pelé, whom many soccer experts consider the best player of all time, continue to inspire the youth of Brazil. However, due to high rates of poverty, particularly in the urban slums, children often lack real soccer balls and are forced to play with improvised balls made from recycled and discarded items. To help these children enjoy soccer, you can donate $34 to provide Brazilian children with real soccer balls.

ChildFund has worked in Brazil since 1966, and with many children at risk of becoming involved in street gangs, sports provide them with a means to engage with each other in a healthy, positive way. That's why our gift of sports kits for Brazilian children are so important. A donation of $87 will give Brazilian youths the equipment to play a variety of games, including basketball, dodgeball, shuttlecock, soccer and volleyball.

To invest in the future of children in need around the world, please consider purchasing one of these gifts and bringing hope to a child's life today.


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