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Ecuador, located in South America’s Andean region, is characterized by its ethnic, cultural and geographical diversity. Despite recent reforms that have helped the economy of Ecuador to improve the growth rates and income levels of its population, social and economic inequality persists, affecting mostly indigenous and native populations. The persistence of poverty and malnutrition disproportionally affects Ecuadorian women, children and indigenous communities.

ChildFund has served children in Ecuador since 1985. Help make a difference and sponsor a child in Ecuador today.

ChildFund Ecuador’s Early Child Development program aims to overcome the biggest barriers to holistic child development, such as poverty, parents with little or no education, and lack of access to basic services. This program works with parents, caregivers and communities to ensure that infants have the nutrition, care, safety and stimulation they need to achieve their potential. With few infants and young children attending child care centers in Ecuador, ChildFund, through its Responsive Parenting Program, plays a vital role in providing early childhood development opportunities in the country. Our work in Ecuador has shown that as individual caregivers gain and use knowledge, skills and behaviors to nurture their children, their confidence rises and they become stronger advocates for their children’s needs, and ultimately champions for children’s rights.

Children spend more time in the care of adults in educational settings than anywhere else outside of their homes, and, unfortunately, abuse is an accepted practice in Ecuadorian culture that persists in a third of the population. While schools in Ecuador have an important role in protecting children from violence, for many children, school settings actually expose them to violence. ChildFund is addressing these issues through its Children at School Age program. We also organize summer camps aimed at developing physical, social and emotional skills of children ages 6 to 12. Children engage in games that promote teamwork and allow them to use their free time in appropriate ways. The Aflatoun program provides social and financial activities in children’s schools and communities. Children learn about themselves and their rights while gaining basic financial knowledge. Finally, children from the areas where we work have been developing disaster-prevention plans for their schools and actively participating in community life.

Older youth living in Ecuador are change agents in their families and communities, with a need for technical skills, job readiness, leadership skills, problem-solving ability and self-confidence. Our programs help teens gain this knowledge, as well as prepare them to make informed choices about sexual health and reproduction. Youth ages 13 to 18 also continue their financial training with the Aflateen program, and explore concepts such as self-esteem, rights, gender, drug abuse prevention, the environment and job-seeking skills.


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