You can share the food you usually throw away with a child who struggles with hunger.


Try these food-saving kitchen hacks:

Let's try these hacks to save food and make an impact with ChildFund.

Don’t throw away the stalks of veggies; add them to sautés and baked dishes for extra color and flavor.

Store fresh fruit and vegetables in sealed jars. They’ll last twice as long as they would in plastic.

Rinse hardened bread with water and bake at 425˚ for 3-5 minutes for bread that tastes like new.

Keep bananas fresh longer by wrapping the end of the bunch with plastic wrap.

Put fresh herbs in an ice cube tray, cover with water or olive oil, and freeze for easy seasonings that last.


Use leftover chicken bones or veggie peelings to make homemade broth. It’s tastier and healthier!

Squeeze lemon juice over avocadoes to reduce oxidation and prevent them from going brown.

Plan meals ahead and shop smart. A grocery pickup or delivery service can help you avoid impulse buys!

Scraping the bottom of a mustard or jam jar? Add some oil, vinegar and a bit of seasoning to turn it into a delicious salad dressing.

Join ChildFund’s mission to share meals and hope with children around the world.

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