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World Water Day

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Celebrated every March 22 since the United Nations declared it in 1993, World Water Day raises awareness around water’s fundamental role in people's lives. Promoting access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene is a huge part of ChildFund’s ongoing work with children and families living in poverty.

It may be hard to imagine living without clean water. Yet, worldwide, 1 in 9 people still don’t have access to this very basic necessity of life. The good news is that you can help. Learn more about the importance of access to clean water, and do your part to help children around the world by making a gift or spreading the word.

On World Water Day, we’re making a commitment to clean water and sanitation for all. Join us now.

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See ChildFund’s Work With Water

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    Shuker, 12, digs in a hand-dug well in hopes of bringing home water for her family. She lives in the Fentale District of Ethiopia, which has been severely affected by drought.
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    Samuel, 14, draws water from a river near his home in Mitubiri, Kenya.
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    Napiku, 18, returns home after drawing water from a seasonal stream in the North Rift region of Kenya.
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    Anderson, 12, collects water from the cistern outside his home in Brazil.
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    A ChildFund staff member teaches community members about a new irrigation system in Honduras.
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    Jairo, 6, washes his hands before helping his mother prepare lunch at their home in Guatemala.

Spread the Word

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