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    June 19, 2007

    7 years old

    Bui Huyen Trang lives in a small mountainous village of a Northern province where it is difficult to get access to healthcare services and a quality education. Trang lives with her grandmother, parents and brother in a small house. Both her parents are farmers working on a small paddy field. The livelihood of the family includes growing rice and other farm products such as corn and potatoes. An often low yield makes it difficult to provide enough food and to produce an income sufficient to meet other basic needs of the family. The family is often in lack of food for several months per year. Drinking, washing and cooking water is collected from a far well which is unhealthy due to pollution. Trang enjoys attending school where she is doing fairly well. Writing, Art and Music are her favorite subjects. Trang is an active and jolly girl. Singing, dancing and playing with toys are her hobbies. This lovely girl wishes to be a doctor one day. With your sponsorship, Trang will receive support in accessing education, health, clean water and nutritional care.

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    ChildFund will use your sponsorship contribution of $28 per month to ensure your sponsored child is healthy, learning and protected.


    Your monthly $28 gift will be combined with those of other sponsors whose children are enrolled in the same community so that all children benefit.


    Correspond with your child through letters and pictures (only if you want). Receive regular updates and even arrange to visit if you like!


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