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Project Highlights

  1. Mobile birthday parties celebrate children in communities where families can’t afford individual parties.
  2. These celebrations strengthen bonds within communities and reinforce local cultural values.
  3. This project will provide 60 mobile celebrations, one per month for five communities.

Mobile Celebrations for U.S. Children

Mobile Birthday Party Celebration — A gift of baking supplies, cake ingredients and piñatas to celebrate life and culture for U.S. children.

U.S.-MapProgram Goal:  Mobile celebrations allow U.S.families who are unable to afford individual birthday parties for their children an opportunity to come together to celebrate children’s milestones and accomplishments. This project will provide 60 mobile celebrations, one per month for five communities, throughout the United States. Ten children and their families, as well as the community, will directly benefit from each mobile celebration.

Each month, the mobile celebration not only provides an opportunity for community members to encourage, support and acknowledge children and youth involved in constructive, life-affirming endeavors, but it also reinforces cultural values by recognizing a significant milestone, such as a birthday with cake and piñatas — celebrating children, families and the community.

For each mobile birthday party, your gift will provide baking pans, bowls, a mixer and decorating utensils, cake ingredients that include cake mix, eggs, oil and frosting, plus supplies to make piñatas, including balloons, crepe paper, newspaper, adhesive, markers, string, candies and toys.

Expected Results: This initiative will provide 600 children in five communities in the United States an opportunity to celebrate birthdays and accomplishments — restoring and strengthening children’s connections to their family and culture. This project not only brightens a child’s day, but together with the help of families in the community, these young people gain a sense of self-worth that they will carry into adulthood.

Piñatas provide joy in monthly celebrations that
recognize children’s birthdays and accomplishments.




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