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Project Highlights

  1. A newly constructed school will provide a stimulating environment where children can learn.
  2. The school will directly benefit 100 children in the Chipipa community.

School Rehabilitation - Chipipa

Rehabilitate the current school infrastructure in the village of Chipipa Protestant by providing durable building materials for the structure and roof, creating a hospitable and teaching learning environment.

Angola-MapProgram Goal:   To rehabilitate a primary school in the village of Chipipa Protestant, in the Huambo province of Angola, that will directly benefit children from 50 families. This project will provide these children, ages 6-14, with quality learning opportunities that will enhance their basic education achievements.

The Chipipa district is made up of 50 villages located 2 to 15 miles from the actual town of Chipipa. The Angolan government has made some effort to construct schools for these children; however, they are all located in the town of Chipipa. The children need to walk very long distances to attend school, especially during the rainy season. This has become very dangerous for the children.

In order to avoid having the children make this long journey, the villagers have taken the initiative to build schools in their villages made of adobe materials since they are unable to purchase zinc, a durable construction material. As a result, the schools become damaged and children attend classes in uncovered structures or outside under trees. This makes for extremely inadequate conditions worthy of teaching and learning. During the rainy season, children stay home and don't attend class for many days.

Not only will these schools be rehabilitated with durable and sufficient building and teaching materials, but this project will involve the community in the reconstruction process, developing a cohesive, constructive plan together with parents and guardians.

The hope is to begin the project January of 2012, finishing April 2012.

Expected Results: This project will directly benefit 100 children in the Chipipa community through improved and continuous access to primary education and quality learning opportunities — critical in achieving a valuable, basic educational environment. These funds will go a long way in improving teaching and learning conditions so that school can be an inviting place for these children.


Inside of school with no roof.

Chipipa School

Project Image

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