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Project Highlights

  1. Two out of every five people do not have enough food, shelter or clothing in Timor-Leste.
  2. Hand tractors can help families increase their food production.

Hand Tractors for Farmers

Provide hand tractors for farmers to cultivate their farmlands which will help ensure a better harvest and an increase in food production.

Timor-Leste-MapProgram Goal:   To purchase two hand tractors for farmers. Hand tractors are valuable tools that allow farmers to work more efficiently. This will help increase food production and enable families to prepare their farm lands with better harvest. Children and their families living in Timor-Leste experience high levels of poverty. Recent studies indicate two out of every five people do not have enough food, shelter or clothing.

In the long run, hand tractors requires less farm labor so children can spend less time working on the farm and spend more time being a child - studying and playing!

Expected Results: This proposal will directly benefit approximately 170 children and about 20 farmers will share these hand tractors.


Hand Tractors


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