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Project Highlights

  1. Your contribution will furnish a classroom with the adaptive technology that children with disabilities need to fully participate in learning.
  2. This equipment will benefit 30 students within the first school year – and hundreds more in years to come.

Children with disabilities in Belarus need adaptive technology so they can learn.

Join with other donors to outfit a classroom in Belarus with the equipment needed to make learning more accessible for children who have special needs.

Belarus MapProgram Goal:  Provide adaptive technology devices for children with disabilities in Belarus.

For any child, living with a disability is challenging. For children who have trouble seeing, speaking or moving, the classroom environment can magnify those challenges. Without proper equipment and support, getting an education can seem impossible. Sometimes, it is.

In Belarus, ChildFund has been working since 1993 to help children with special needs overcome the barriers unique to them. Since Belarus gained independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991, the number of children with disabilities has skyrocketed to nearly 120,000. And these children have suffered tremendously, because the country lacks the proper infrastructure to care for them. They dream of an education in order to live an independent life, but they urgently need extra support and access to make it happen. That means special equipment.

This is where you come in.

Your gift, together with gifts from others, will provide a classroom in Belarus with

  • One adaptive computer set, including keyboard, mouse and joystick
  • One computer magnifier for children with visual disorders
  • One speech generator for children with severe disabilities or autism
  • Two touch-screen whiteboards for two inclusive classrooms

Expected Results: In one year, 30 children will be more free to learn in their classroom through using these tools, as will the hundreds of students who will pass through the classroom in years to come.

Students with disabilities are able to learn with the help of adaptive technology. Specialized computer equipment, speech generators and touch-screen whiteboards make the classroom more inclusive for these children.  

Belarus Speech Generator

Belarus Computer Keyboard

Project Image