Malaria’s Terrible Toll

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ChildFund works in 30 countries, and malaria is endemic in 26 of them. There are 207 million cases of malaria worldwide each year. The world population is 7 billion, and 2.4 billion people are at risk for contracting malaria. Annually, there are 627,000 deaths from malaria worldwide, with 564,300 occurring in Africa. 482,000 children under 5 die from malaria annually, and 200,000 infants die due to malaria during pregnancy. But between 2000 and 2012, the incidence of malaria fell 29 percent worldwide and 31 percent in Africa. Still, the annual cost of malaria to the world economy is $12 billion. For people living in extreme poverty, the average household income is just $1 a day, and the average proportion of their household income spent on malaria is 36 percent. And children in Africa miss up to 50 percent of school days due to malaria. Does poverty cause malaria, or does malaria cause poverty? YES.

Donate a mosquito net today and save the life of a child vulnerable to malaria.


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