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New Tools for Ending Violence Against Girls in Central America
Mario Lima and Erin Kennedy | Oct 12, 2018

According to most measures of the world’s well-being, countries are better off than ever. But the chasm between the haves and the have-nots has grown. In Latin America’s Northern Triangle...

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Training Community Child Protection Committees in The Gambia
Ya Sainey Gaye, ChildFund The Gambia | Jan 12, 2017

Where ChildFund’s commitment to child protection and communities’ commitments to their children intersect, community child protection committees are formed. In The Gambia, where such committees are already established, we are working to broaden the scope of this work and further train committee members to ensure that children are protected on every front – at home, in the community and on the national level.

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Breaking the Cycle of Child Labor in Firozabad
Lynda Perry, Staff Writer | May 23, 2016

Chanderavati and her husband, Rajesh, are descended from generations of Firozabad bangle makers. Here, they join together the glass bracelets over propane burners in their home. None of their five children wish to continue the family business. Their parents agree. “It should end with us,” Chanderavati says.

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Growing With No Fear in Rural Guatemala
Karla Recinos, ChildFund Guatemala | May 18, 2016

Four-year-old Olver was very shy and scared when his mother started taking him to an Early Childhood Development center in Guatemala’s central highlands.

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P&G and ChildFund Celebrate 10 Billion Liters of Clean Water
Kate Andrews, ChildFund Staff Writer | May 04, 2016

One of the major problems facing families in poverty is a lack of clean water. Nearly 1 billion people face this challenge daily.  

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