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Comfort Food Around the Globe
Feb 04, 2016

Comfort Food Around the Globe 2016-02-04 Recipes are part of everyone’s cultural heritage. Opening a stained cookbook from an earlier generation or recalling a relative’s baking tips give many home cooks a private thrill. It’s winter here in the United States, a time when many of us...

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Lighting Up the Future of Children in India
Rashmi Kulkarni, ChildFund India | Feb 03, 2016

In parts of India, literacy rates are very low for a variety of reasons. One problem is a lack of electricity. When you are in the dark at home, it’s not easy to read.

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Child Laborers Grow Into Change Makers
Rashmi Kulkarni, ChildFund India | Jan 21, 2016

Makeshwar, one of the ex-sponsored children of ChildFund India in Jamui, Bihar, has taken up the task of taking ChildFund's vision forward by following the footsteps of ChildFund and running his own NGO in association with other ChildFund ex-sponsored students.

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In Guatemala, Overcoming Fear and Shame
ChildFund Guatemala Staff | Dec 31, 2015

“There has been progress in services provided for women who suffer from domestic or sexual violence," says Leivy Suyuc, project coordinator for Renacimiento, ChildFund’s local partner organization in Comalapa, a town in Guatemala’s impoverished highlands.

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Weathering Drought in Ethiopia
Tenagne Mekonnen, Africa Region Communication and Administration Manager | Dec 29, 2015

This year’s strong El Niño pattern of warming waters quelled rainfall during belg, the brief rainy season in March and April that pastoral farmers in Oromia depend upon to keep their livestock healthy, and delayed the longer summer rains, kiremt, diminishing harvests even further.

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Real Gifts Produce Real Positive Change
Dec 09, 2015

This holiday season, ChildFund is offering you the opportunity to give children and their families real gifts; livestock, solar-powered lamps, hand-pump wells, sewing machines and other important resources.

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Keeping Children Safe After Disasters
Nov 30, 2015

Amrith, of India, survived the 2004 tsunami. We’ve all seen storm coverage on television, whether it’s local meteorologists reporting on a hurricane, an overnight tornado ripping through a neighborhood several hours away, or the outcome of ...

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Small Voices, Big Dreams 2015
Nov 10, 2015

“Sometimes parents don’t feel like they had a chance to be free because they had children. I think that’s one of the reasons they mistreat children.” These are the words of...

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ChildFund Honored at 2015 Clinton Global Citizen Awards
Oct 08, 2015

ChildFund International was among a group of organizations honored at the 2015 Clinton Global Citizen Awards for its leadership in responding to the Ebola crisis over the past year. The event was part of the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, which is an initiative of the Clinton Foundation.

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How a Dollar Investment Nets $136 in Return
Oct 07, 2015

Millions of people are affected by poverty all over the world, and as a result, malnutrition remains a serious problem for many communities.

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