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Nine Travel Tips You Should Never Forget

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Contact: Tasha Chambers, Communications Associate or 804-545-3626

Richmond, VA – July 3, 2012– Employees of ChildFund International, an organization that serves vulnerable children around the world, travel frequently to implement programs and respond to emergencies. As a result, they’ve learned a thing or two about travel. Here are nine helpful tips for your next trip abroad:

  1. Be the unpredictable gray one. Dress casually and in attire common for the location.
  2. Exchange money the right way. Bring new U.S. currency with you to exchange because many countries will not accept old or worn bills. Also, large denominations can be a problem, as change is usually in short supply.
  3. Do not offer information about yourself, who you work for, where you are staying or where you are from.
  4. Register with your respective embassy. For Americans, the U.S. Dept. of State has made this a pain-free experience on-line.
  5. Never put your clothes or bags on the bed. This reduces chances for bed bugs to be carried home with you.
  6. Admit when you are not feeling well. Local staff will help you find a doctor, hospital or medicine.
  7. Enjoy the difference. If you think things will be like home, then stay home.
  8. Temperature is determined by altitude not latitude. Tropics doesn’t mean hot. Also, the higher the altitude, the less oxygen so adjust your physical exertion.
  9. Watch what you eat and drink. Drink bottled water. In developing countries do not eat raw fruits and vegetables unless they have a skin that can be removed.

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