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How to Gift Your New Year’s Resolutions

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How to Gift Your New Year’s Resolutions

Richmond, Va.– Jan. 13, 2014 – Jan. 13, 2014 – Using’s list of popular New Year’s resolutions, ChildFund International, a global child development agency, has compiled a list of common resolutions that can be “gifted” to a child in need and maybe even keep you on track toward reaching your goals.

  1. Eat healthy foods – If you’re committing to eat healthier this year, consider making a donation to start a vegetable garden for families living in Ecuador. Each family will receive fruit and vegetable seedlings and agricultural supplies to grow and improve their own gardens.
  2. Lose weight – You’ve joined the gym, and those cycling classes are brutal, but providing a bicycle for a young girl in India or Sri Lanka will ease the pain. Many young girls walk long distances to schools, which can be unsafe and an obstacle to finishing school. While you sweat it out in class, just think of how happy you’ve made a child.
  3. Quit smoking – According to the American Lung Association, the average retail price of a pack of cigarettes in The United States is $5.51. For less than one pack of cigarettes a day, you can sponsor a child and change his or her life forever by providing him or her access to an education, better health care and other basic needs.
  4. Get a better education – Most Americans would agree that having access to a good education is important to becoming self-sufficient and improving your quality of life. As you set out to continue your education this year, consider donating to our scholarship fund for girls in India.
  5. Take a trip – Since you’ve kicked smoking, sponsored a child and saved money, you definitely deserve to take the trip that’s been waiting on your bucket list. Why not visit your sponsored child? If you can make the trip, ChildFund staff will arrange a visit. You can see the world and see how your contribution is helping your sponsored child at the same time.


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ChildFund International is a global child development and protection agency serving more than 18.1 million children and family members in 30 countries. For 75 years, we have helped the world's deprived, excluded and vulnerable children survive and thrive to reach their full potential and become leaders of enduring change. As a member of ChildFund Alliance we create supportive environments in which children can flourish. To sponsor a child in need, visit the ChildFund website.