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Help Children in India and Sri Lanka During the COVID-19 Crisis

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You Can Help Keep Children in India & Sri Lanka Safe During the Devastating Second Wave of COVID-19

Right now, a new, extremely contagious variant of COVID-19 is wreaking havoc in the lives of children and families throughout India and Sri Lanka. In India, ambulances, hospital beds, oxygen, medicine and even cremation grounds are in critically short supply, leaving families with few options but to watch their loved ones suffer. Children are struggling to cope with the loss of caregivers, as well as constant images of death and terrifying conditions in hospitals. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka, an island country on India’s southern tip that had initially controlled the pandemic effectively, is facing a similar catastrophic surge. Strict travel restrictions are in place as the government rushes to contain the growing daily number of cases.

Once again, lockdowns are cutting off the livelihoods of vulnerable families who depend on daily wages from the informal economy, which means a rising risk of hunger and potentially life-threatening malnutrition for children as well as an increasing threat of violence against them as their parents’ stress reaches the breaking point.

“The situation has spiraled out of control,” says Ben Phillips, director of ChildFund’s Emergency Management Unit. “Despite the best, most heroic efforts of health providers, the system has reached a breaking point. Very sick people are unable to get treatment because hospitals just don’t have space available.” 


India COVID-19 Response - Child With Instructional Poster

ChildFund is mobilizing resources to relieve the suffering of vulnerable children and families, promoting vaccination for all who are eligible and supporting other lifesaving measures in the communities where we work.

In our COVID-19 second-wave response, we are …   

  • Working with the government to support the equitable rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Fighting hunger by delivering food baskets to vulnerable families.
  • Distributing hygiene kits and information so families can protect themselves from the virus.
  • Connecting families with psychological support, from broadcast messages on social-emotional well-being to direct, preventive emotional first aid and intensive professional care.
  • Sharing accurate and timely information to ensure families’ understanding of how and why to get the vaccine and address any myths around its safety and efficacy. We will reach out to children and families in hard-to-reach areas, including mobile and marginalized populations. 

Your gift to our Emergency Action Fund helps to ensure that children and families can weather this devastating health crisis.

Please give and help children in India and Sri Lanka today.


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