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Imagine what $19 can do

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Imagine trying to quench your thirst when the nearest source of water is miles away. Trying to stay clean when the only water you have is dirty.

Imagine trying to feed your potential when you can’t feed yourself. Trying to learn and play when your stomach is empty.

Imagine trying to take classes online when you don’t have wi-fi. Trying to do your homework when you don’t have electricity.

In the world’s poorest places, kids and parents don’t have to imagine. These are their realities.

Now imagine these problems getting better. Imagine a child getting a water well in her town. A boy’s family getting food packages to help them survive during quarantine. A girl getting an internet connection so she doesn’t miss out on her education.

The reality is that $19 a month can provide a child with nutritious food for a month. $25 can supply two families with hygiene kits to protect kids from disease, and $50 can feed an entire family for one month.

Your monthly gift can help us do these things. Seriously. It’s amazing what we can do together to make kids’ lives better, during COVID-19, and always.

Imagine the good you’ll do – start giving monthly today.