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Encouraging Play in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka


Young Child in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka

The war is over in Sri Lanka, but more than 300,000 people are displaced and living in camps in the North. ChildFund Sri Lanka has started to implement a humanitarian response for displaced children who now find themselves in these transitional camps.


In five Child Centered Spaces (CCSs) run by ChildFund, activity leaders are helping students continue with their formal education. They are providing blackboards and bags in which to carry their books. Older students who will take their exams in August have been provided with books to help them prepare. Water also is being provided.

In another camp, the ChildFund project coordinator successfully negotiated the installation of a park for children under age 10. Previously, camp planning had not taken into consideration the need for children to have safe places to play.

With the help of ChildFund staff and volunteers, our CCSs and activities improve the living conditions in which these displaced people currently find themselves, which helps these children regain their health and well-being.