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Eat Like It’s 1999

ChildFund MobileThis Thanksgiving, ChildFund invites you to share your feast with a family in one of the communities where we work.

Well, virtually, anyway.

It’s easy: All you have to do is eat like it’s 1999, and then dial 90999 and text “THRIVE” to donate $10 to ChildFund’s Children’s Greatest Needs. This fund is designed specifically to allow ChildFund the flexibility to respond exactly when and where children need help the most.

Since 1986, the American Farm Bureau Federation has kept statistics on the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner for 10. For 2009, that total was $42.91. In 1999, it was $33.83. For children in parts of the world where food prices have skyrocketed, this $10 difference could make the difference between one meal a day and three. It could buy a three-month supply of nutritional supplement for a child in India. It could buy a hen and rooster for a family in Mozambique or a duck for a family in Indonesia.

So, eat like it’s 1999. Simply shave a few pounds off the turkey. Leave off the cans of cranberry sauce. Dial back the side dishes. There’s any number of ways to whittle down the cost by $10.

When you text “THRIVE” to 90999, your tax-deductible donation of $10 will appear on your next cell phone bill, which you should keep among your records until tax time. You can text up to two to three donations per month, depending on your mobile provider.

Have fun eating like it’s 1999. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you might enjoy eating like it’s 1989 — that year, the total was $24.70. However, doing so could mean a difficult choice between an all-meat or all-veggie feast.

Text THRIVE to 90999. Thank you.