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Gifts of Love and Hope for Vulnerable Children

 Gifts of Love

When U.S. children returned to school this fall, many were fortunate to be outfitted with new clothes, fresh school supplies and a sturdy backpack. That’s not the case for children in some of the most impoverished communities in the world, including some areas of the U.S. where ChildFund works.

Attending school is still a luxury in many developing nations. Although primary education is often free, many families still cannot afford the cost of school supplies, shoes and uniforms. Other families may keep their children home to do chores and earn income for the family.

When children do have the opportunity to attend classes, many must walk long distances. Once at school, the sheer number of eager students often outstrips the school’s supply of paper, pencils, books and other resources. Students conserve paper by writing on both sides and filling the margins with notes; pencils are used down to the nub. Computers are few and far between.

Yet these circumstances rarely dampen students’ desire for learning.

To honor that enthusiasm, ChildFund’s Gifts of Love & Hope catalog devotes a section to educational items. Here’s a sampling:

  • School uniform ($17, item #49581)
  • Guitar for a school choir ($107, item #49659)
  • Mountain bike to help a child get to school ($179, item #49571)
  • Desk and chair for a classroom ($130, item #49591)
  • A schoolbook ($9, item # 49589)
  • Solar-powered laptop ($500, item #49579)
  • Pair of shoes and socks ($19, item #49561)

You’ll find these items and many more in ChildFund’s 2010 catalog.